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Redshift in the National Curriculum

Key Stage 4

Changes in the National Curriculum now mean that teachers must also teach knowledge, skills and understanding aswell as the actual scientific content of Physics. The following table contains the specifications as laid out in the Science section of the Curriculum QCA website, aswell as links to relevant pages on the NRP website.  


QCA Area
 NRP Link
 How Science Works 

 Data, evidence, theories and explanations

1. Pupils should be taught:

a) how scientific data can be collected and analysed
b) how interpretation of data, using creative thought, provides evidence to
test ideas and develop theories
c) how explanations of many phenomena can be developed using scientific
theories, models and ideas

 Hubble's Law
 How Science Works

 Practical and enquiry skills

2. Pupils should be taught to:

b) collect data from primary or secondary sources, including using ICT sources and tools

Plotting your own Hubble's Law diagram
 How Science Works

 Communication skills

3. Pupils should be taught to:

a) recall, analyse, interpret, apply and question scientific information or ideas
b) use both qualitative and quantitative approaches
c) present information, develop an argument and draw a conclusion, using
scientific, technical and mathematical language, conventions and symbols
and ICT tools. 

Powerpoint presentation of HTF

SalsaJ analysis of galaxy images

 How Science Works

Applications and implications of science

 4. Pupils should be taught:

c) how uncertainties in scientific knowledge and scientific ideas change over time and about the role of the scientific community in validating these changes

 The Great Debate


Below are references to the different examining bodies' schemes of work, relevant to redshift in the curriculum.