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WJEC Specifications

Here are the NRP relevant specifications for the WJEC exam board and links to NRP activities/pages. Further details on the full
specifications for Science and Physics can be found from the WJEC website here.  

WJEC GCSE Specification Links (For examination from 2009)

WJEC Exam Topic  NRP Links

 Science Physics 1

Energy, Radiation and the Universe

6. The Characteristics of Waves

Candidates should:

a) characterise waves in terms of their wavelength, frequency, speed and amplitude. 

b) plan and carry out an investigation into waves e.g. investigating the factors which affect the speed of waves on water.

c) apply the equations
wavespeed = wavelength x frequency and speed = distance/time
 to the motion of waves  



 Waves and the EM spectrum
Science Physics 1

Energy, Radiation and the Universe


 7. The Electro-magnetic Spectrum

Candidates should:

a) distinguish between the different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum [radio
waves, microwaves, infra red, visible light, ultra violet, X rays and gamma rays] in
terms of their wavelength and frequency (with an awareness of how these wave
properties are related) and appreciate that they all travel at the same speed in a

Waves and the EM spectrum
Science Physics 1

Energy, Radiation and the Universe



10. The Universe

Candidates should:
know how studies of the electromagnetic radiation from distant galaxies
lead to a model of an expanding universe and that the further they are
away, the bigger
their speed. 
b) know that Red Shift measurements provide evidence that the universe started with a
hot Big Bang which, according to current measurements, occurred 12-15 thousand
million years ago. 

 Hubble's Law

WJEC GCE A/AS-level Specification Links (For examination from 2009)

WJEC Exam Topic
NRP Link
 GCE A/AS-level Physics

 PH4 Oscillations and Fields

PH4.5 Application to orbits in the Solar System and the wider Universe

Candidates should be able to:

g) use the Doppler relationship in the form Δλ/λ=v/c;

h) calculate a star's radial velocity (i.e. the component of its velocity
along the line joining it and an observer on the Earth) from data
about the Doppler shift of spectral lines