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Here are the NRP relevant specifications for the Edexcel exam board and links to NRP activities/pages. Further details on the full specifications for Science and Physics can be found from the Edexcel website here

 GCSE Edexcel Specification Links

 Edexcel Exam  Topic NRP Link
 GCSE Astronomy (from 2009) 

 Unit 1

 Topic 4.2 Galaxies

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

 a) demonstrate an understanding of the appearance of spiral, barred spiral, elliptical and irregular galaxies

b) draw Hubble’s Tuning Fork diagram

c) recall that the Milky Way is an Sb type galaxy

d) use images of galaxies in order to classify them

Topic 4.3 Cosmology

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

 a) recall the Doppler principle for radial velocities

b) demonstrate an understanding that light from distant galaxies is
shifted to longer wavelengths (redshift)

c) use the equation:
     λ-λ00 = v/c
to determine the radial velocity of a galaxy

d) demonstrate an understanding that for galaxies in the Local Group, blueshift is possible

e) recall that quasars are distant galaxies with high redshifts

f) describe the discovery of quasars by astronomers

g) demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between distance
and redshift of distant galaxies (Hubble’s Law) and use the formula:
 v = Hd

h) describe how astronomers use the value of the Hubble Constant to
determine the age of the Universe

Hubble Tuning Fork


Hubble's Law


Doppler Effect



GCSE Science

 Unit P1b - Topic 12 - Space and its mysteries

 Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • describe the origin, current state and possible fate of the Universe using the main theories (Big Bang, oscillating and steady state); and outline the supporting evidence for these theories, including microwave background radiation and red shift P1 b 12.19